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    Can someone explain to me how microsoft visual c++ handles make file? I remember in unix that "makefile" can be run to create a a.out just by typing "makefile". How can I do something similar in visual c++?

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    It handles the compiling/linking itself.. you don't have to muck with makefiles.
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    Foo.exe : Foo.obj
            link Foo.obj user32.lib gdi32.lib
    Foo.obj : Foo.cpp
            cl -c Foo.cpp
    That's pretty much the composition on a simple makefile. In this case I'd name that Foo.mak. When running in a build enviornment under VC++ just go to the directory and type "NMAKE /F FOO.MAK" and it should handle everything for you. Also in VC++ if you go to NEW there is an option to make a makefile but I have never personally tryed it. Hope this helps.

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