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    Seeking an Mentor

    I have programming in C++ but I seem to getting stuck is there someone who can mentor a beginner. We can do teamviewer or I live on the east coast.

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    Consider the notification, I know you've seen the book link so I must ask, have you really studied through all those books?

    If not, my advice remains the same; the C++ programmers who post here will all take a small hand in mentoring you. Any question you may have doesn't need to fit into "Esoteric C++" or anything like that. We readily accept design questions, newbie questions, and most any other C++ programming question you may have.

    If you have, well, you'd be a better C++ programmer than most of the people here so you should really be the mentor.

    I do the mentor thing, but I do not know you well enough to make a judgement call; the best way to say "Hey, I'm worth the effort!" is to become a more active part of this community.

    And not strangely, at least two other people do the mentoring thing; I'll leave them to intrude themselves if they desire.


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