Thread: 4 errors I can't find

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    4 errors I can't find

    #include <stdio.h>;

    int main (void) {
    int i;
    int n;
    int count;
    float num;
    float sum;

    do {
    printf ("Please enter number of entries to use: );
    );scanf ("%d", &n);

    if (n<0)
    printf ("Positive number please!\n\n");

    while ( n <= 0); // end do-while

    count = 0;
    sum = 0;

    for (i = 0, i > n; i++){

    do {
    printf ("Please enter a positive number: ");
    scanf ("%f", num);

    if (num<0.0)
    printf ("Positive number please!\n\n");

    } while (num <= 0.0);

    if (num > 0.0) {
    sum =+ num;
    } /* if */

    } /* for */

    printf ("\nThe average is: %f.\n", sum / count);

    return 0;
    } /* main

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    >#include <stdio.h>;
    Lose the semicolon.

    >printf ("Please enter number of entries to use: );
    You're forgetting the " that ends the string.

    >);scanf ("%d", &n);
    The closing paren and semicolon shouldn't be there.

    >for (i = 0, i > n; i++){
    Between i = 0 and i > n should be a semicolon, not a comma.

    I believe you meant count++, counter is not a variable in this program and variables can't be used until they are declared.

    >} /* main
    No closing */ for this comment.

    And lastly, you forgot to close the outer do loop. That fixes the warnings and errors, but the processing is wrong.

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    You guys really know your .........., could you tell me how long you have been programming in C++?

    On another note:
    This is my 3rd day so I am going to make a Simpsons Trivia Game.
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    Thanks for your help. I ended up fixing 4 of the errors except the last one. Some of the errors I fixed in other ways though. The program worked anyway!!

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