Thread: Regular Expression Troubles

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    Regular Expression Troubles

    I have a program that needs to be able to parse input from a file and compare it to a regular expression. The input should be a URL, if that helps. I have tried to find documentation on this, but i can't find regular expressions anywhere.

    What i am looking for is a common name for a regular expression header file (if one exists), and a few of the methods declared therin (again, if one exists).

    If there is no standard header file of the sort, could someone give me a shove in the right direction? Such as, how to do this another way. If there is another thread about this topic, let me know and i will go check it out, but i haven't found one yet

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    What class are you taking and what book are you using?

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    I am not taking a class, and i am basically using
    The Complete Reference: C++ Third Edition
    And the compiler/linker/resource editor/source editor is Dev-C++ by Bloodshed Software if that helps

    P.S. For some reason i wasnt logged in when i posted, sorry.

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