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    vectors question

    this is probabley a simple probelm to overcome but i have spent ages trying to figure out what to do and have not got anywhere

    i am reading in a file a line at a time e.g

    while (! jppfile.eof() ) {
    jppfile.getline (buffer,200);
    cout << buffer ;
    where jppfile is a stream, now this works great and i now want to store them (each line) in a vector; simple i thought:
    vector <char[200]> instructions; //200 that is how long buffer is

    i then proceede to push them onto the vector:

    But this is the error being given to me:
    cannot convert from 'const char [200]' to 'char [200]'

    I persumed that this is something to do with the fact that bufer is never actually 200 characters long, and the vector is expecting 200 characters so conflict is arising. Is there something obvious that i have missed or is there a solution to the problem that is a bit more complicated
    sorry to bother people

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    It looks like your trying to put a const char[] into a char[] which is a type mismatch,

    so you could either make your vector of const type, if you don't need to modify it


    cast the incoming const char[] to a char[] using (char),
    which takes the const off of the incoming array, and allows for easy vector editing.

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    Store not arrays of chars buffer in the vector, but the pointers to the buffer

    std::vector<char*> instructions;
    char buffer[200];
    This will work great now. One little problem though. You will overwrite your data everytime you read a new line. Do this:

    std::vector<char*> instructions;
    char *szBuffer;
    while (! jppfile.eof() ) { 
        szBuffer = new char[201]; // 201?? make room for 200 chars and the ending '\0'
        memset(szBuffer, 0, 201); // clear the buffer
        jppfile.getline (szBuffer, 200);
        cout << szBuffer;
        instructions.push_back(szBuffer); //szBuffer is a pointer!
    // do this when you no longer need the instructions:
    std::vector<char*>::iterator it;
    for(it = instructions.begin(); it != instructions.end(); it++){
        delete *it;
    or something...

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    thank you

    thanks for the advice
    i think i will be using pointers to store in the vector i think that will be the easiest way for the situation i am in
    thanks again

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