Thread: blight2c look this please (how to find avg)

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    blight2c look this please (how to find avg)

    actually i dont know how i got it right the first time when i used your code, but now it's not working
    this is my code:

    int main()

    int clas;
    int grades;
    int number;
    int score;
    int avg;
    int time;
    int student;
    int total;
    cout<<"enter the # of students in the class";
    cout<<"enter the # of grades for the class";
    for (student=1; student<=clas; student++)
    cout<<"enter test grades for student #";
    cout<<"enter -1 for absent"<<endl;
    for (time=1; time<=grades; time++)
    cout<<"\t test #"<<time;
    total+=score; // here's the mistake, it doesnt total it correctly
    if (score==-1)



    cout<<"the avg of student #"<<number<<"is"<<avg<<endl;

    return 0;

    when it shows me the average it gives me a big number, the code seems right i dont know what's wrong with that little part, if you have any suggestions post them please... thx

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    The total variable is never initialized to a value before it is used, so it contains garbage. Change:
    int total;
    int total = 0;

    And it works perfectly, the processing at least.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    you are right but now when the loop continues it's adding the avg total from the previous student to the next, it's confusing

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