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    linked list HElP

    #define MAX 30

    struct node{
    int age;
    char name[MAX];
    struct node *next;

    /* any ideas why this code want run */

    int main()
    int amount;

    cout<<"How many people to be stored";

    struct node *ptr=(struct node*)malloc(sizeof (struct node));


    ptr->next=(struct node*)malloc(sizeof(struct node));


    return 0;

    /* thanks for the help */

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    struct node *next;

    to start, remove the keyword struct from the above line. Not needed in C++.

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    You ask how many people should be stored but you have no loop.
    ----So use a for loop for(int i=0; i<size; i++)

    In C++ struct keyword isn't needed.

    If you'd rather adopt a more C++ style (preferred in memory management) use new and delete. --- node *tmp=new node;

    you should at least have a node* head; which always points to the first node in the list.

    ...and this code does run, next time tell us exactly
    what you'd like us to look at

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