Thread: How do you const?

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    How do you const?

    Less of a question, and more of a survey really. How do you define constants in your code? #define, enum or just const? What benefits are there (if any) to using any particular method?


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    A #define is evaluated at compilation time, while a const is evaluated at run-time. Plus a lot of places find the use of #define's in C++ code bad so you should use const, but there are a few situations where #defines are helpfull, such as conditional compilation, the creation of header files, and so on.
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    Mostly consts with the occasional enum if they are related, eg

    enum DIRECTION
         LEFT = -1,
         NONE = 0,
         RIGHT = 1

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    I like const because it allows greater flexibility, const can be applied to member functions, class objects, etc, and also you can use cheats like const_cast and mutable to modify const, whereas #define leaves you stuck.

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