Thread: How keep multi-row *.txt form?

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    How keep multi-row *.txt form?

    Hello all:

    I have a *.txt file like:

    20121001 Chang $55.5
    20121002 Zhang $60.0
    20121003 Pan $50.01

    I tried to use iftream to read it into program and display in the same form. BUT failed. Because the file has spaces separate the items.

    What is the way to read them and display in the same form?

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    if you use std::getline() (not std::istream::getline()), you can get whole lines of text from the file, and keep their format.

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    If the number of columns is fixed, you could alternatively read everything using the extraction operator (>>). However, the approach with std::getline() is probably better, especially if you decide to make the number of columns variable.
    If you want your stream to operate on memory (to split line obtained by std::getline()), you can use std::istringstream.

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