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    quick msg box question

    ok, im making a text based rpg but i need msg boxes to show something like "You've earned 12 gold" on it. Unfortunetly i need the number to be a variable and change if the variable does.
    Any help plz?

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    Since you say Msg Box, this is a windows question right?
    And those should be in the windows forum.
    Myself, i have no idea.

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    Hmm just like ErionD said this is a Windows specific function you should of asked on the Windows board, but ill answer what I think your askign. If you need to have the value as an int or whatever then store it as one, then when you need to display a message box convert the number to a char ex:
    int x = 15;
    char val[33]; // This is the max length that itoa can fill
    itoa(x,val,10); // x is the num to convert, val is the buffer to write to and 10 is the base number (10 = Dec, 16 = Hex, 8 = Oct, 2 = Bin)
    MessageBox(NULL,"The message",val,MB_OK);
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        CString csText;
        Int iPoints = 5; 
        csText.Format("You got %d points", iPoints);

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