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    pause or delay

    I created a menu of sorts, and stored it in a char array. And i want to display the menu so it's delayed, meaning that the first line displays, then like a second or two later, the next displays. And so on till it's done. I tried a nested for loop, the outer loop being the counter that displays the array element, and the inner being a for loop that went to like 10000, to try and get a delay like that, but it turned out choppy and all around ****ty. So any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm not sure which header it's in. Maybe stdlib.h, stdio.h, or windows.h. I think it's windows.h.

    for example: Sleep(1000); would be a 1 second pause.

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    Yep its in windows.h

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    Oh yeah remember that Sleep has a capital S.

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