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    homework help

    // DogDayCare.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.// Eric Vardinakis
    // 9'24'2012
    #include "stdafx.h"
    using namespace std;
    int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
    	int mediumdog;
    	int LageDog = 35;
    	int smalldog = 10;
    	int shortstay;
    	int longstay = 11;
    	cout << "How much does your dog way ";
    	cin >> mediumdog;
    	if (mediumdog  < smalldog)
    		cout << "You have a small dog."<< endl;
    		if (mediumdog > LageDog)
    			cout << "You have a big dog." << endl;
    			cout <<"You have a medium size dog."<< endl;
    		cout << "How long wil you dog be staying here. " << endl;
    		cin >> shortstay;
    		if (shortstay < longstay)
    			cout << "Thats a short stay."<< endl;
    			cout << "Thats a long stay."<< endl;
    	return 0;
    I am new to C++ and programming. the code i wrote works but my college professor wants me to make dogs that are under 10ld cost $12 dogs that are between 10-35lb cost $16 and dogs that are over 35lb cost $19. if they stay1-10 days. If they stay 11 or more days she wants it to say under10lb cost $10 10-35lb cost $13 and over 35lb cost $17
    This is the link to my book if you don't get what i am saying its page 119 Exercises 12 DogDayCare.cpp
    Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ - Joyce Farrell - Google Books
    please i need some one to help me this is do Tuesday at 11pm est

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    At least the code is more readable than here -> Homework help - Dev Shed

    int mediumdog;
    int LageDog = 35;
    int smalldog = 10;
    int shortstay;
    int longstay = 11;

    How about variables called
    int dogWeight; // was mediumdog
    int lengthOfStay; // was shortstay

    Then perhaps
    int dogCostPerDay;

    In your logic, you can do
    dogCostPerDay = 13;

    You can then end your output with the total cost by a simple calculation.
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