Thread: array [x] [y] = z //??

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    array [x] [y] = z //??

    i'm reading from deitel & deitel 3rd ed, pg 337

    in the above array, is z copied into both subscripts?

    here's more of the code

    void shuffle (int wDeck [] [13])
    	int row, column;
    	for (int card=1; card<=52; card++)
    		{	row=rand() %4;
    			column=rand() %13;
    		while (wDeck [row] [column] != 0 );
    		wDeck [row][column] =card;//?

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    No. The array is two dimesional. The x and y each contain the index number for its dimension, the two combined point to one cell. The assignment: array[x] [y]=z; puts z into that cell.

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    think of the 2 d array as a checker board. Each squareof the checker board is refered to be a row and a column, but each square may hold any of a variety of things, in checkers it may hold nothing, a red or black checker or a red or black king. The same with the array. Each [x][y] combination represents a different "cell" or space or whatever you want to call it. Each "cell" or space can hold a variety of things, called z in the code you posted, depending on what the type of the array is.

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