Thread: Data types and user input

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    Data types and user input

    Greetings. I have recently started learning C++ and I do have some knowledge as far as C goes. Anyway I've written some simple programs and one problem I constantly run into is validating the users input. For an example I will prompt the user to enter an integer, but if the user inputs a character the program goes berserk. Is there anyway to ensure the user inputs the correct data type? Thank you in advance.

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    One way is to read the input as a string then parse the input, e.g., using a string stream. Another way is to check that the input read succeeded. If not, clear the error state of the input stream, then discard the input left in the input buffer and read again.
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    I think you use cin.("ignore"). I'm not very good but I suggest you read for characters too and make up a response for them. Maybe a loop statement might help.

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