Thread: Dealing Poker Hands for a beginner

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    Dealing Poker Hands for a beginner

    Yes this is for homework, however I dont just want the answer nor am I asking for it, I have seen a ton a posts with code and everythingwith very similar questions. I have the basic code down from the example we were given to work off of, however I am trying to figure out how to adjust it so it deals 5 cards to two players. I can deal 5 random cards but whenever I get two players, it uses the same cards. Im not sure if Im suppose to loop it, use an array, basically I am 2 weeks into this class and really want/need to learn this but am lost so I finally broke down and I am reaching out to you guys for some advice to point me in the right direction for me to look. Thanks

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    For future reference, you might want to post your code for questions like this. That being said I think I can probably guess what your problem is.

    If the same five randomly-selected cards keep going to both players every single time, that's probably because you're only randomly selecting five cards, and you're only doing that one time. You're probably selecting all of your cards first, five in total, then dealing them out further down in your code without ever messing with the selection again. Really you need to randomly select 10 cards, five for each player. And since it's poker, you may wish to select a card, remove it from the deck, hand it to the appropriate player, then move to the next card.

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    srand() is probably being called within your loop. It should only be called once.
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