Thread: C++ code to run a command line

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    C++ code to run a command line

    Hi all. A newbie here!
    Last time it touch C/C++ was about 15 years ago so now I am all rusted up.
    What I am after is a simple C++ code to run a ftp command to connected to a server then login and download a file so something like:

    ftp servername
    user bob
    pass bob
    put file.txt

    I know I can do a FTP command line like ftp servername -b script.txt
    to execute the above, but I would like to do it without showing the ouput on screen

    I have downloaded Quincy 2005 but can download another if needed.

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    What about
    ftp servername -b script.txt 1>NUL

    Or even
    ftp servername -b script.txt 1>NUL 2>NUL
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