Thread: Writing to a file without overwriting

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    Writing to a file without overwriting

    I need to know how to write to a file without overwriting stuff in it.

    This is what my program needs to do.
    its opens up a c++ file
    looks for the main function
    and inserts a few lines of code into the main function
    i can get it to write inside the main function
    but when i write, it overwrites whats already there
    like when u have insert pressed down in Word

    Any help would be great.


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    you need to set the output in "append" mode....

    for example:

    ofstream fout("c:/My Documents/TextFile.txt", ios::app);
    in this example whatever you want to add to a file will be inserted after the last item in a file thus no items will be overwritten.....

    Good Luck


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    I need to write to the middle of the file though, so i'm using ios::ate. I'm also using tellg and seekp to place the cursor at the point where i want to write.

    cursor = inFile.tellg();

    cout << cursor; "test.cpp", ios::ate);

    cerr << "File could not be opened." << endl;
    exit (1);

    outFile.seekp( cursor );

    char coutstring[ 80 ] = "string";

    outFile.write( "cout << virus << endl;\n", 20);

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