Thread: What are some good books for programming and video game programming

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    What are some good books for programming and video game programming

    Hello everyone i am new to programming and I would like to know some good books to read that will help me further understand c++ programming in general. Also if anyone knows any books that are good for video game programming please share.

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    C++ specifically check out the book written by Alex, who owns this website. You can find it at C - Learn C and C++ Programming -

    For gaming I always reccomend you read "OpenGL Game Programming"

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    There's the list, of course: C++ Book Recommendations

    I'm not really in touch with which (beginner-ish) C++ books are good, but if you pick up Big C++ or C++ Primer Plus -- both of which seemed decent -- or something similar you'll probably be alright. Maybe read one or two reviews first to make sure you're NOT getting the equivalent of C: The Complete Reference (which is the only book I've seen to recommend while(!feof()), which is really really bad).

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