Thread: change the value of a variable of an object that is in a vector of objects in a class

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    change the value of a variable of an object that is in a vector of objects in a class

    I'm getting way out of my regular field to do this and I've been running into some stupidly complex situations.
    I've declared a class which has a variable "int activacion" and then I've made another class which has a vector of objects of this previous type.
    Then I've done another class which has a vector of the lattest.
    I'd find it completely normal if I just couldn't go on but the thing is I'm not having trouble READING the values using getValue(), and I just can't seem to be able to change it using the same line of code with setValue();

    getElementoVectorCapas(i).getElementoVectorNeurona s(j).getActivacion()<<endl;
    This works.

    getElementoVectorCapas(1).getElementoVectorNeurona s(0).setActivacion(1);
    This doesn't.
    It's like the value is fixed. It compiles allright, it just does not change the value.
    Thanks in advance.

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    It sounds like your design is really messed up - post some more code
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    I can't even tell in what context code such as the above has been made to compile. It looks somewhat like nonsense to me.
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    It could be simply that the class set method doesn't work. Try to use a debugging tool?
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