Thread: Read char by char into two-dimensional array pointer.

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    Read char by char into two-dimensional array pointer.

    Hello guys could you please help me write a piece of code that will read a file char by char and store it into the 2Dimensional array pointer using "File Pointer"?
    Here's my file:
    0.2.0 9.4.7 0.0.0
    0.5.0 0.0.6 0.4.7
    0.7.0 0.0.0 1.0.6

    7.4.0 3.1.0 0.0.5
    0.9.0 8.0.4 0.6.0
    5.0.8 0.6.0 0.9.3

    0.0.4 0.0.0 0.7.0
    0.8.0 2.0.0 0.3.0
    0.0.0 4.3.5 0.1.0

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    post your code that you have worked on so far
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    Quote Originally Posted by rogster001 View Post
    post your code that you have worked on so far
        FILE *file;
        int c;
        char **file_buffer;
        file_buffer = (char**)malloc(9*sizeof(char));
        for(int x =0;x<9;x++){
                file_buffer[x] = (char*)malloc(1*sizeof(char));
        file = fopen("C:\\Users\\S2xC\\Documents\\sudoku.txt","r");
        int x=0;
        int y=0;
                       c = fgetc(file);
                                  file_buffer[x][y] = (char)c;
                                  c = fgetc(file);
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    > file_buffer = (char**)malloc(9*sizeof(char));
    A couple of points.
    1. Don't cast the result of malloc -> FAQ
    2. You got the size wrong, it should be sizeof(char*)

    Generally, if you write
    file_buffer = malloc(9*sizeof(*filebuffer));
    you're always going to be right.
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    FYI, this is C, not C++. Next time, please post it in the C forum.
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