Thread: Need help with linker error

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    Need help with linker error

    I've a C++ program to reverse a string.
    Its showing linker error. please help me debug it
    char* st(const char *);
    int main()
    char *str="abcdefgh", *abc="\0";
    return 0;
    char* st(const char *str[])
    int n=0,i;
    while(str[n]!='\0') n++;
    char *abc="\0";
    return abc;

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    well I suspect that your linker error is complaining about an undefined reference to "char* st(const char *)"

    you've declared the function as
    char* st(const char *)
    but you've defined it as
    char* st(const char *str[])
    your first problem is that you omitted the parameter name in the declaration (not an error, but bad practice, anyway). your second should be plainly visible.

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    As Elkvis said,this is not an error.It is good practice,keep that in mind for future situations,to post what the compiler actually says

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    Boy oh boy I didn't think one could possibly write a piece of code that short that had so many problems with it. Even fixing the linker error I'd bet it crashes.

    Anyway, if you really want to write something closer to a true C++ program and not just C code that might perchance compile using a C++ compiler you would use a std::string to store and manipulate the string. Reversing a std::string, given a source string, is a one liner:
    std::string original("abcdefgh");                         // Source/original string
    std::string reversed(original.rbegin(),original.rend());  // Done, reversed in one line of code
    Variable reversed now contains "hgfedcba".
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