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    I have finished other elements of the program, but I am not sure where to go on this one. Yes I am a beginner. I don't know how to perform these divisions with leftovers and such and how to make it all work. Any help would be appreciated.

    Determine and report the number of large, medium, and small pizzas you need to order
    For every 7 guests, order one large pizza
    For every 3 guests left over, order one medium pizza
    For every 1 guest left over, order one small pizza

    And i know the modulus operator "%", but I just can't seem to put everything together ha

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    Also don't forget that when you use integers in calculations there are no fractions, so 1/2 will yield zero. You may be able to use this fact in concert with the modulus operator to help solve your problem.


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    You should use a "greedy" algorithm.

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