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    Exclamation Moving from Visual Basic to Visual C++

    I am a complete newbie in world of Visual C++...
    Just yesterday developed my first working program in MSVC++...
    All the time before I developed programms only in Visual Basic. QBasic and Basic was the beginning!

    I will be happy if someone will post an addresses of web pages where is some information about programming in MSVC++, C++, C or VB!
    Also I have problems with MSDN - I do not have it, so it is very, very hard to get to know something new... May be it is possible to download it from somewhere?

    I also do not understand differences between different application types - why the commands used on Win32 Console Application does not work with Win32 or other projects? Or may be I am doing something wrong...

    I will be very happy if someone will help me in some way.
    It is possible to contact me through:
    e-maili:; or by
    writing message to ICQ#: 15 04 09 659.

    Thank You!

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    I have made the transition between these languages fairly easily(though not complete, still got more to learn). However you need to be very used to using the Windows API in VB if you want to make an easy transition to C++. As far as im aware most commands will work in both 32bit Console and 'real' windows programs As the console can still access the windows API. There are diffrences but they aren't huge.

    Good luck with learning C++ you will enjoy the speed advantages you will get! VB seems soooo slow in compairison.
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    I think the "Visual" in the names of both products is misleading. VB is definitely visual - drag & drop, do a bit of building block coding for the objects on the form. There's more advanced stuff, but that's the start of VB.
    VC is not visual at all, at least when you're learning. It's all coding. There is some drag & drop capability later on, but it's lots more code & work involved. Of course, you get much more control over the program.

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    awesome. i am downloading visual c++ as we speak, and I just stumbled accross this article.

    i have worked with visual basic for a while, but i did not like the way it was drag and drop. i've heard time and time again that you need to know what your code is doing to be able to write good code, and it seems vb can easily do the work for you.

    good luck in c++!
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