Thread: C++ Programming\ Array Problem??

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    C++ Programming\ Array Problem??

    Ok here is the situation. I am trying to create a program that will grade students exams for my class. I want to input a 30 answer key at the beginning followed by integer number that says how many students took the exam. Then I want to input the student answers followed by the students name. The output format contains the students name followed by the correct number of answers. If the student get a 60 or better it outputs that they passed, if they get 60 or below it tells them they fail. I have some ideas and I know the program will run smoothier if I use an array. If anyone has any sample programs or examples or knows where I can get some input on this problem I would appreciate it. Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hmm actually dont you think you should sit down and think about this one? This sounds perfect for class's. A Student class that holds the name, an array of their answers, and the number correct. Have some methods in your class that check the students answers against another array of answers(the Key!) and in that method have it add 1 to the total number corect for that student. If you want more help just email me and I can help more, I just dont want to type all this here now. Just giving a suggestion.
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