Thread: Help me add code in XCODE

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    Help me add code in XCODE


    I have a macbook and have xcode.
    I've been reading the start of C tutorial and I'd like to have a working program and source file to look at and pay attention too, and go over alot.

    I'm trying to download
    A simplified version of asteroids.

    Im not sure how to load this up into XCODE, i have done 1 page simple bits of code, but I'm not sure when it involves many pieces.

    I'd be really grateful to anyone that could help me.


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    1,472 turboC........*shudders*...*eye twitches*...compiler.... I think it is...?? Dont do it man! You have your whole programming life ahead of you- there lots of good up to date programming tools you can get for free - code blocks, pelles c, are only two of them, i have not a scooby doo if xcode provides a compiler or what, just get hold of one of the free C supporting compilers above and practice some programming
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    That source can only run on Windows (and probably not a newer version of windows anyway).

    Anyway reading code isn't a good way to learn to program. Programming is pretty much the only way to learn (that is, you must write code yourself). Instead of reading code why not spend that time writing code instead?

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