Thread: CPU Usage of chess engine process

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    Why would you want it to use less than 100% of the CPU capacity?
    Exactly -- sorry i have not read the whole thread yet, but if your routine whatever its application is - requires 100% cpu - ie intensive calcs for fractals, whatever - then let it have it


    Most game programmers have the notion that if you are running their game then your system is theirs. They will do everything they can to make the gameplay smooth and fluid and if that means consuming every last free resource your system has...well so be decided to play their game
    I can remember trying to run doom demos on win 3.1 on a crap computer and continually tweaking config.sys, autoexec.bat etc to try and free up enough memory to play that legendary game - did i care about being able to type a poem on a word processor at the same time if i got bored and still leave my game running? ...erm... no.

    Major commercial release games programming pushes the envelope *across the board* -pun unintended :-> - Nobody can argue against that
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    This thread seems to be full of misconceptions.

    Most gamers expect that if they upgrade their CPU they will get a better experience (higher framerate, higher detail level, etc). HOW could this be possible if the game spent some of its time in an idle loop? Wouldn't it make sense to NOT have that loop and have a better game? What would be the purpose of such a loop? Yeah, games used to have stuff like that in them because they weren't written in a way that allowed them to incrementally improve as processing power improved... In the 1980's...

    Second, there is no such thing as "hogging the CPU." If you run two CPU-intensive programs, the result should be (if the OS is working correctly) that each of them receives 50% of the available cycles. It is NOT the case that one of them beats the other into submission. If that's happening, something is wrong with the operating system.

    Is it possible that some game has some inefficient code in it? Uh... Yes? Other than complaining about a hypothetical, what is your point?
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    We have had this discussion before. I agree with Elysia on most of the points brought up but I feel they do not apply to games. Perhaps it is a simple miscommunication or perhaps a lack of exposure to game programming that is causing the confusion. Also when I say games I mean games that require a real time loop and are not simply waiting for user input before processing anything new. I believe most of us are saying the same thing in different ways.

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