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    Microsoft Certification

    Hi all,
    I am planing to take up the MCSE exam but dont want to join a training institute.. ARe there any site that have the entire course material for the exam..

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    There are seven separate exams in the MCSE. Four core (required) ones dealing mostly with networking, and three electives (required, but you can select any three from a list).
    If you pass one or more, but not all, you get the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) certification.
    There is zero programming involved, at least in the four core tests.
    The tests are currently $125 US each. They are hard, and are all scenario based. I passed one, 70-210, and it was the hardest test in the computer field I've ever taken (and I get 4.0's in my classes).
    There's also a newer certification that involves four tests, the MCSA. There are also programming certifications. Check for details.
    There are plenty of websites and devoted to passing the MCSE (try Braindump), but I don't know of any "tutorial" sites. The tests are (usually) 50 questions, randomly chosen from a test bank of several thousand questions. Per test.

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