Thread: A Question/problem with classes and sending a variable to an object

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    void record::setp_number(int number)
         number = p_number;
    Have a REAL good look at what you're doing in this method.

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    From what I understand so far (which I grant you is not that much) that should be about right. I've put in variable "number" input from main and assigned p_number that value. Obviously this isn't totally right as it is not working. Do I have to do something like passing by reference or have I got something in the syntax wrong because now I am just lost.

    Thanks you all for your help on this though

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    Compare the code for the setp_number function that you wrote in post #1 with the code you posted in post #15. In particular, what are you assigning to, and why?
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    got it!

    I think I need to re read the parts of my book on the assignment operator and assigning values to variables. I thought that number = p_number and p_number = number would have been the same but then of course = does not mean equals == does.

    Thanks for your patience and help in getting this sorted and I love the way you guys just didn't tell me how to fix it straight out but get me to think.

    Once again thankyou antred, Jim and Laserlight

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