Thread: Practical way to pick a name out of a list?

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    Practical way to pick a name out of a list?

    I was planning to create a list of names, and have a program pick one out randomly and print it. Did not sound hard. Just grab some enums and....

    well, .........
    Apparently there is no direct way to get the name of an enum. Is there a practical way to solve the above task? I came up with different very impractical ways, like having my randomly picked number compared in a switch case, which is not cool if you have more than 300+ names to pick from.

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    Put the names in .txt file, then put them in a buffer. Pick a rand value and set that value as element index from the buffer.
    This way i used to create a Hangman game.

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    Put the names in a std::vector<std::string> container.
    Choose a random number between 0 and the size of that container.
    Use the string at the index.

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