Thread: Redirection problem in C++

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    Redirection problem in C++

    I'm using Quincy 2005 as my compiler in C++.

    I was asked to create a program that READS FROM a separate data.txt file. We are not allowed to use fscanf so i used the redirection method in Quincy (Tools->Options->Run->Use this: "input<data.txt") Now, the program is working but for some reason it automatically closes and is not asking whether to "press any key to continue", since the redirection emits all keyboard inputs and closes automatically. As I said before, the program works but it closes too fast that I can't even see what the output is (I know its working because I used the cmd prompt). Is there any way to prevent it from automatically closing so that I can see the output

    Thank you

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    Run your program from a separate command prompt window.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Renq View Post
    I'm using Quincy 2005 as my compiler in C++.
    Per Quincy: Simple free C/C++ programming IDE for Windows
    FYI: "Quincy 2005" is an IDE not a compiler; it uses a version the MinGW GCC as the Compiler.

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