Thread: Where would i begin in programming?

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    Where would i begin in programming?

    Hey guys, im DrSega this is my first post, so i was wondering...

    Where would i start in programming?

    What i want to do?
    I want to make games with C++ and OpenGL, but i dont know where to start?

    Can some1 please help?

    I know it takes a long time to learn, but i want to learn to start getting to the level of making a game like wollay's, the thing i mostly want to do is atleast make the voxel terrain like his, here is his blog on his game:

    wollay's blog

    His 1st post of his terrain:

    wollay's blog: Cube World (this is what i wna be able to do sometime )


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    Quote Originally Posted by DrSega
    Where would i start in programming?
    You should start at the beginning, i.e., to learn the syntax and semantics of a programming language while developing programmatic problem solving skills and learning about algorithms and data structures.

    A book that you could use to help you get started on the first two would be Accelerated C++, though I must warn you that it is better suited for people who already have a programming background or are guided by an instructor.
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    Ok i might take a look at that in my free time, ty.

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