Thread: noob help with the IDE

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    noob help with the IDE

    i'm just starting out w/ C++. the solutions explorer is now showing 3 folders when starting a new project "Header Files" "Resource Files" and "Source Files". is there any way to change that back to just the "main.cpp" as it was when i first started the tutorial?

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    Which IDE?

    If it's Code::Blocks, then just remove the Header files and resource files that are present, because the folders won't show if there's nothing in them.
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    for now, you can just ignore the folders. they become very useful when your projects get bigger and you have many source and header files.

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    Those folders shouldn't get in your way at all. The Header/Resource/Source thing is one of probably two common ways to organize a C++ project. Header files end with ".h" and go into Headers folder. Source files end with .c or .cpp and go into the Source folder (including main.cpp). Stuff like pictures go into the Resources folder.

    The thing about this is that the presence or absence of those folders shouldn't mess up what you're doing. However if you wish to get rid of them, the method sort of depends on which IDE you're using. If they bother you, tell us your IDE. When you get used to C++ though, you'll get to where you mostly always want organization like that there.

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