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    c++ xml books

    hi all,
    im a newb to c++, im okay with xml, just about, can anyone suggest a good beginners book for c++ with tons of examples and sample code?

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    But what has that got with XML ? Your learning of C++ should not, in any way, depend on XML.

    Here are some general C++ book recommendations.
    C++ Book Recommendations

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    My suggestions on how to learn any languages goes as follows:

    1. Look on YouTube(ex. "C/C++ for Beginners").
    2. Try the examples for yourself.
    3. Signup for a forum(You already have this complete.).
    4. Get a book

    Books in my opinion are great for learning the "technical terms". You'll notice a lot of video tutorials are not going to give you terms, and if they do they are very vague.

    Book Suggestion:

    C++ Primer Plus

    I personally like this book, because it is easy to follow, provides tons of examples, gives technical terms, and also gives history to programming and C++.

    Most of the programming books are very expensive. At least the ones that provide good details and lots of example code. Also depending on the language, for example Python you can find a lot of PDF content on the internet by just searching Google.

    If I can give you any advice, debug as much code as you can. Once you get past your own semantic/syntax error, its all general debugging from there.

    And I too am lost when it comes to your comment about XML.

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    this site also has a lot of great C++ tutorials on the main page. I'd suggest looking at those too.

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