Thread: For beginner: How to start first c++ programming(Guide)

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    For beginner: How to start first c++ programming(Guide)

    1. Download and install microsoft visual C++ studio 2008 express edition. It is free
    2. Open visual studio c++ 2008
    3. Go to File ->New Project ->
    4. In project types, set it to win32, set win32 console application in "visual studio installed templates".
    5. Enter the folder name and press enter.
    6. Click Next , check in console application, tick empty project, don't touch the others, click finish.
    7. Right click in source file folder Add -> new item
    8. Go select c++ file and enter "main" as the c++ file
    9. Your c++ first program is ready to go.
    10. Code this
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
             cout << "I am a c++ beginner." << endl;
             system ("pause");
             return 0;
    11. Press Ctrl + F5 in your keyboard
    12. Output should show this.

    I am c++ beginner.
    Press any key to continue . . ._
    13. The end

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    in the context of a windows computer, this is technically correct, but using system("pause") is non-portable, and beginners in C++ should be taught the way that will work everywhere, and move on to OS-specific features later. the standard-compliant, portable alternative is std::cin.get().

    there are already lots of tutorials for C++ beginners - many of them are on this site. your tutorial does nothing but dump a block of code in the user's lap and say "this is a C++ program." it doesn't do anything to explain what each line does, as a good tutorial should. at most, this tutorial explains how to start a win32 C++ project in visual studio. the default project template likely has a basic program like this that is generated automatically when the project is created.

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