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    Sound Tutorial

    Does anyone know where I can get a good sound tutorial for C++?

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    For DOS or Windows or what?

    For DOS i use PlaySound().
    I don't do windows yet

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    well, sound is not part of C++, so you might wanna try an api like SDL(

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    For Windows it's really simple.

    Make sure you include winmm.lib in your linked library files.

    Make sure you include mmsystem.h
    #include <mmsystem.h>

    Use PlaySound to actually play the sound.
    PlaySound("dice.wav",NULL,SND_FILENAME | SND_ASYNC);

    In this case "dice.wav" is the name of a *.wav file that is in the root directory of my project.

    The second param is NULL if you are playing your *.wav from a file (as opposed to playing it from a resource, in which case this param would be the handle to the executable file that has the sound resource).

    The last param lists the flags for playing the file. To play a sound from a *.wav file you only need: SND_FILENAME - tells it that the first param is a filename of the sound to play ** and ** SND_ASYNC - tells it that the sound is to play asynchronously and the function will return immediately after the start of the sound (as opposed to SND_SYNC in which case it plays back synchronously and the function returns after the sound ends).

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