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    Include all libraries in Visual studio


    Is there a way to include all the provided libraries in Visual studio (2008 SP1) for a VC++ code so that when the code gets compiled, it can pick up whichever required. It is OK if compilation time increases etc.


    Emma Good.
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    Yes there is. You could manually include every single one. No I'm not going to explain how.
    It's not a good idea as it has a larger impact that just compile times. Runtimes and memory usage are also affected etc.

    As a programmer you'll need to learn to look up stuff when you get a linker error, and see which libs to add to your project. It's pretty well documented on MSDN.
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    Hi iMalc,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, it dosnt seem to be a good programming practice. But, as of now I am trying to compile an existing code (written by someone). Previously I ran into errors where the header files were not included, now I am running into error where nested header files are not included / not getting the resources / need some more header files. For eg:

    c:\program files\labpacks\visual c++\include\vclobjects.h(262) : error C3861: 'wcstombs_s': identifier not found

    whereas the listed #includes dosnt call vlcobjects.h; maybe some of the other header file(s) is calling the vlobjects.h etc.

    Anyways, thanks,
    Emma Good

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    Why did you open another thread on the same GD issue???

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    Agrees with r2r, closed.
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