Are there any data files (load at either 0x0000:0x7C00 or 0x0000:0x0000) for testing a 8086 CPU emulator for errors?
I've found one testsuite for the 80186 here.
Is there any for the 8086 too?

Somehow when I try to load DOS 3.1 on my emulator (boot sector loaded at 0x0000:0x7C00), it loops with a labelx: PUSH CX, LOOPNZ labelx. Since CX>(0x1000/2), this would result in a stack overflow (with the stack overwriting the opcodes), since CS=DS=ES=SS.

Anybody knows how to find the bugs in the 8086 emulated CPU?
Or does anyone has a testsuite for 8086 emulator opcodes?