Thread: [help] windows form , pass a string from a file .txt to a textbox

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    [help] windows form , pass a string from a file .txt to a textbox


    i'm developing a software for a class in the college.

    i'm trying to pass a string that i have in a file to a textbox.

    the programa works, but when i try to use the function to this , dont work :\

    help ?

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    You need to decide if you want to program for the .NET framework or native. If your target is .NET, use C# or if you are a masochist use C++/CLI. If you don't want to target .NET, use plain C++ and some C++ GUI framework (MFC/GTK/wxWidget/QT). Right now you are mixing it. And that's bad, because you take the worst of both worlds.

    .NET is easy but not as powerful.
    Native is powerful but not as easy.

    Currently you are struggling with the fact that your mixture is neither powerful nor easy.

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