Thread: Evaluating expression tree using std::map<std::string, int>

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    Evaluating expression tree using std::map<std::string, int>

    I am not sure how to use the map function to evaluate my tree expression. the function goes like this

    int Tree::evaluate(std::map< std::string, int > ipMap){

    and my teacher gave me a hint to look at my function to postorder print for an example but i am not sure how it applies to this. Here it is:

    void Tree::postOrderPrint(){

    void Tree::postOrderPrint(){
            std::cout<< Op << "  " ;
            std::cout<< Op << "  " ;

    what ive tried was wrong. but im just supposed to use map to find if the element in the tree expression is a + - * or / i believe, and if so use that operator to evaluate the left aand right subtrees. Keep in mind that the string is parsed and the tree is already buit
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    std::map is not a function, it's a container.
    That evaluate function is simply asking for you to provide a map as its argument.
    So what have you tried, and what went wrong?
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