Thread: C++ removing of all occurrence of some character from string

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    C++ removing of all occurrence of some character from string

    i am new to this forum. i am in the process of converting the code from SAS to C++. I am a intermediate C++ developer, and SAS beginner. We have 'COMPRESS' function in SAS which "Returns a character string with specified characters removed from the original string". It seems like removing of all occurrence of some characters from String. How can i do this in C++? here is the sample SAS one line of code, i need to convert it into C++.

    if compress(str2) = compress(str1) then valid_rec='N';

    how can i write this in C++? I appreciate your help in this regard.

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    How's your "google-foo?"

    This took almost no effort ->

    Purpose:To remove specified characters from a character value.


    COMPRESS(character-value <,'compress-list'>)

    character-value is any SAS character expression.

    compress-list is an optional list of the characters you want to remove.
    If this argument is omitted, the default character to be removed is a blank. If
    you include a list of values to remove, only those characters will be
    removed. If a blank is not included in the list, blanks will not be removed.

    If a length has not been previously assigned, the length of the resulting
    variable will be the length of the argument.
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    Try using strtok(). In more recent C-style languages, you'll usually have a String.split() function, which without doing anything to the original string, will return an array of strings that were tokenized by pulling out the "unwanted" characters. strtok() is gonna be a lot more trouble to use than that for more than one reason. It damages the string it's tokenizing, has to be called repetitively, etc. But you can copy the original string, keep calling strtok() on it to build up an array (or list) manually, and then re-aggregate those tokens into the original string minus the characters. It you're trying to split on multi-character strings though, the process will be more complicated.

    Edit: If you go this route, read up on strtok() first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsrig88
    Try using strtok().
    I wouldn't. strtok is intended for string tokenisation, not the removal of specified characters from a string. There are other algorithms more suited for this task, e.g., the use of certain std::string functions, or std::remove_if.
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    There are many ways to do this. Are you working with a std::string object? If so, one such method would be to use the erase member function along with the std::remove_if function from the <algorithm> header.
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