Thread: Circular Dependency A Dead End?

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    Circular Dependency A Dead End?

    //parent.h File
    #include "child.h"
    class child;
    class parent
      child *pc; 
      child c;   //Gives ERROR
    //child.h File
    class parent;
    class child
      parent *pp;
      parent p;  //Gives ERROR
    I am currently having some serious circular dependency issues with my design. Is there a way to declare an object(not a pointer) in this case. Does circular dependency occur because of a serious design flaw?

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    Suppose it were possible. Then a parent has a child subobject. A child has a parent subobject. That parent subobject has a child subobject, which has a parent subobject, which has a child subobject... sorry, the sum of all the memories of all the computers in the world is far too small to contain even a single parent object.

    So, what are you really trying to model?
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    I get it now ,an infinite cycle. I am trying a make a 2d shooter for my project. I started abusing OOP. Problem solved i dont need an input class. Sorry for really coming up with such a dumb question, never mind.

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