Thread: How to edit hex file using C++

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    How to edit hex file using C++

    I have one hex file I want to edit my hex file using C++.
    My hex file look like this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
    AA55740000E83F0F0088401F00001FCB1C0010008840001F00 03030042EC129C23490202FE50230000AD260000AA550D0AAA 556F0000AA04030005

    I just want to make new line after every '0D0A'

    thanks in advance.

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    0D0A is a newline character. You want another newline character?

    It sounds like what you have is a text file of hexadecimal like characters and not a binary file. If that is the case, you can read the entire file into a string and do a find/replace of all "0D0A" with "0D0A\n".
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    So show us the code you're written already and we'll help you out.
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