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    My main problem currently is what to do exactly for this program. I have no idea on where to go or what to add or change. I am trying to read information from a file, and then change the format of the information. For example, I need to change the name format to have the middle name have just the first letter and a period. Such as "Chris Jones Johnson" to become "Johnson, Chris J." I also need to format time given as "10:10 PM" to military time. I also need to encrypt a message from the file. Here is the code I have so far. Please tell me what I need to delete or add or change.

    Thank you in advance,

    #include <iostream>
    #include <cstdlib>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <string>
    #include <sstream>
    #include <vector>
    #include <iomanip>
    using namespace std;
    string mtime(string time, ofstream &date);
    int main() {
        ifstream blog;
        ofstream outblog;
        char file[30];
        char o, e, i;
        int key, b;
        string originalChar, echar, tempchar    ;
        istringstream Name, Date, Code;                //Used to sort data from the file
        string fname, lname, mname, time, name[3];
        cout << "Please enter the name of a blog file:" << endl;
        cin >> file;
        cout << "Please enter an encryption key between 1 and 100" << endl;        //Used to encrypt the file
        cin >> key;
        if (key < 1 || key > 100) {
            cout << "The key entered was not between 1 and 100" << endl;        //Makes sure the user inputs within the range
            return 0;
        if ( {            //Makes sure the file was opened sucessfully
        getline(blog, name[3]);    
        while (Name >> name[3]) {            //Supposed to read data into the given variables.
            Name >> fname >> mname >> lname;
            mname.substr(0, 2);
            mname.insert(1, ".");
        getline(blog, time);
        while (Date >> time)    {
            Date >> time;
            b = time.find(":");
            time.erase(b, 1);        
            time.insert(b, " ");
        getline(blog, originalChar);
        Code >> originalChar;
        for (i = 0; i < originalChar.length(); i++) {
            tempchar = originalChar;
        if ( + key > 126) {        //Encrypts the message from the blog file.
   = 32 + ((o + key ) - 127);
        else {
   = (o + key);
        echar = originalChar;
        cout << echar << endl;
    string mtime(string time, ofstream &date) {    //Switches around the time format to military time
        while (date << time) {
            int b, hours, minutes;                        
            string Day;
            b = mtime.find(":");
            mtime.erase(b, 1);        
            mtime.insert(" ");        
            mtime >> hours >> minutes >> "hours";
            if (time.find("PM")) {
                hours = hours + 12;
            istringstream ntime;
            date << setw(2) << hours << minutes << Day;
            cout << date;

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    First try to implement everything as best as you can. Once you get stuck somewhere at that point then post here for advice. Beyond that, I would say put everything into functions; modular code is much easier to understand and maintain. Also, NEVER use the "exit" function in a C++ program; it undermines the proper destruction of objects. Instead, just throw an exception; if it get's caught somewhere up the line, fine. Otherwise, the program will just terminate BUT your destructors will still be invoked properly, so all will be well.

    Good luck!

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