Thread: Unreconized escape character secquence

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    Unreconized escape character secquence

    Thanks for all your help guys;
    I get an "Unrecognized escape character sequence" here,

     ifstream a_file ( "D:\ LotteryProgram / MegaMill" );   //Opens MegaMill for reading the file
       a_file >> str; //Reads one string from the file MegaMill
    and I don't understand it. Please explain why? . . . . therry

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    Because you should escape your backslashes within a string literal, e.g.,
    ifstream a_file ( "D:\\ LotteryProgram / MegaMill" );
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    If you try to use a single backslash the compiler expects an escape character like \n newline etc. So as laserlight shows you have to add the extra oblique. As an example try outputting a quoted string and see what happens, eg show this including the quotes : "Hello World"
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