Thread: Pointer Issue?

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    Pointer Issue?

    Hi I'v been working through another tut and have hit an issue, the program compiles fine but then crashes after printing "This is a test". I'm presuming it's an issue to do with pointer's but could be wrong. Also, I know this may sound odd, but my OS system is 64 bit and I was wondering if this could effect it?
    #include <iostream>
    #include <cstring>
    using namespace std;
    int main() {
    char str[] = "This is a test";
    char *start, *end;
    int len;
    char t;
    cout << "Original: " << str << endl;
    len = strlen(str);
    start = str;
    end = &str[len-1];
    while(start < end) {
                t = *start;
                *start = *end;
                *end = t;
    cout << "Reversed str: " << str << endl;  
    return 0;
    Edit: Whoops sorry for wasting your time it should be end--. Although I am still interested to know if theirs any difference writing for 64 bit rather 32 bit.
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    In your while loop you are incrementing end, don't you want to decrement this variable?


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    Yh, figured that out just as you where posting. Thanks for the help though.

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