Thread: classes data storage (noob question)

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    classes data storage (noob question)

    ok, so I just started working with classes when I came across something I'm not sure how to interpreter.

    I was doing an exercise that asked to build a class to store 3d coordinates and an outside fuction to compute the dot product (and some vague allusion to pass-by-ref that I'm not sure I got right).

    so I build the class:
    class point
        double x,y,z;
        void set(double a, double b, double c)
            {x=a; y=b; z=c;}
        double* xref() {return &x;}
        double* yref() {return &y;}
        double* zref() {return &z;}
    and then start noticing something strange when I'm working on the function... a few tests later I come up with this:
    double dot_product(double *v1, double *v2)
       {return v1[0]*v2[0]+v1[1]*v2[1]+v1[2]*v2[2];}
    (to which I'm feeding the ONLY ".xref()" results.)

    I've recompiled this a few times and this always work....

    so my question is: Is it built into the language that the variables in a class are stored in adjacent memory blocks? or my compiler just decided to do so and therefore I can't rely on it to do so in the future?

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    ...I'm feeding ONLY the ".xref()"...

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    While your class contains only POD data (of the same type), you can generally assume that member variables are stored in declaration order, in consecutive locations (as if in an array).

    But it's an extremely fragile assumption, as it won't take much to be added to your class to break it.
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    so even though it works (this time) it's not a built in feature and I should recode it as I inicially intended to.

    tks for the help

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