Thread: calling function from separate cpp file

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    calling function from separate cpp file

    Can anyone offer some advice on the following problem.

    I have the following...

    template <class BType, class IType1, class IType2>
    void File2<BType, IType1, IType2>::function2(int arg2)
    //need to call function1 that is in file1 (below) using arg2

    template <class BType, class IType>
    void File1<BType, IType>::function1(int arg2)

    File2 is included in File1
    function2 is public in File2

    I can't seem to call function2 from file1, I don't now how to do this with all the template stuff (real beginner) - please help

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    Use the export keyword

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    You could prototype the function in a corresponding *.h file and thing just include the header file in your main *.cpp file.

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    Originally posted by rmullen3
    Use the export keyword
    I would very much like to know what compiler you are using.
    - lmov

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    I heard Visual NET had it (re: Export Keyword)
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    more info on problem

    I have include the other *.h file in the header of the *.cpp file and I'm not supposed to use export. When I try to call the function I get errors like "undeclared, first use of this function" so I know I'm doing something wrong - any more ideas???

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    Post your actual code so we can look, it sounds like you forgot a ";" somewhere. Just zip it up and attach it to this thread and we will help you.
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