Thread: 3D Graphing Advice

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    3D Graphing Advice

    Hi guys,

    Need some advice. I already have the code whereby I use numerical integration to tack the trajectory of particles.

    However, I wanted to be able to have a graphing interface whereby I could display the progress of the particle(s) in 3D. Or alternatively as a collection of graphs: xy, xz, and yz although I would prefer 3D. Currently I have a windows MFC gui.

    My preference is:
    1. Ease of implementation
    2. Speed of code
    3. Memory requirements

    Any ideas?


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    C++ probably isn't the optimal tool here (though you'll probably find some libraries).
    Try Matlab.

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    I assume OpenGL is too low-level?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oogabooga View Post
    I assume OpenGL is too low-level?
    Hi thanks.

    OpenGL is probably a bit too low level for me :-s

    matlab is good but would have a problem sharing it with those who dont have matlab themselves(?)

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    i would say use OpenGL via FLTK then it is easy to get a context you can add controls to and also it has useful built in functions that can make things like labels in the gl window easier. I made a 3d price / value analysis model in this way, that was fixed data from files.
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