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    As you were told, write a file. A file is formatted data stored on the hard disk, so it is permanent allocation in that sense.

    All I have is, only one confusion.!!! If i didn't use 'delete' OS itself will clean the allocated memory.
    Yes. But many destructors do more than simply release memory, so make sure that they are called with delete if you use new. Any additional steps a destructor takes would not be automatically performed by the OS in a memory-leak kind of situation.
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    If saving to a file is not the answer you're seeking, maybe you should explain exactly what you're trying to do.

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    There's something very strange here: Who can read Koenig and Moo for three months and then ask "what's a destructor"?

    > Please i need answer for this question..
    Then there's the almost obsessive zeal in knowing how to make memory persist after the process has ended. This is like "I've just made a paper airplane, now tell me all about jet engines".

    Perhaps if you explained the nature of the problem(*) you're trying to solve (as opposed to saying - the answer to this problem is persistent memory, tell me how to do it), then perhaps you would get better answers.

    My your own admission, you really don't know enough to figure out alternative answers to the problem.

    (*) Be warned, if this is "malware" or "hacking" (see the rules), you're not going to get any further on this forum.
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