Thread: Help with understanding arguments of int main()

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    Well to me it sounds like he had two completely different problems at once, which is why it was so confusing.

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    @whiteflags Haha sorry if my question was a tad confusing... I do that to people alot. My recent question over the program I posted was asking why it needed:
    "int (argc, char* args[])". And neo1's comment about the program not needing it, but the SDL does, makes sense. Because, SDL in the program is what sets up the GUI, and we want the GUI to invoke the program without the need of a human being ( I'm just now understanding command line paremeters, so my explanation may be very well off).

    Other than that my program works fine, it's just I wanted to understand WHY it wouldn't work without them

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    SDL is not a GUI library, An Example may make it appear like that but It does not have built in 'GUI' types, you have to write them, It just provides a layer of access to media devices, It is probably best to research the SDL docs to find out why entry args are required, it could be that they are 'looked for ' and then parsed away if null by default. FLTK is a good GUI library if you are interested in that type of programming.
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